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Compulsive Cheaters

As the dusty analysis and WAP jokes continue to pour in on social media, the common point the dust brigade continues to stress is Cardi B should have cooked and cleaned because “WAP can’t keep no man”; this point is an irking one due to the fact that people could actually  gather their crusty fingers to type statements suggesting a multi-millionaire would be continuously cooking and cleaning while trying to maintain a busy career as an entertainer, not only is this ridiculous but shows why sometimes broke folks need to stay out of certain aspects of rich folks lives. Now that I have concluded my rant I want to examine something that is being overshadowed by the dust storms in these social media spaces; Offset is a compulsive cheater! There is no amount of homecooked meals and clean homes that would curve his  appetite to cheat, there has been at least seven women that have come forward and claimed affairs with Offset within his short three year marriage to Cardi B; Citing Compulsive cheaters are addicted to the thrill of cheating; they exhibit certain behaviors such as being hooked on drama; being overall unhappy, a fear of being alone and being very opportunistic, now although I don’t know Offset personally this may be the situation for him and other like him. In a nutshell if he wants to win over his wife and save his family he should come to terms with the fact that he has an issue, be willing to seek the necessary help and do the work it takes to recover. Subscribe to my website:
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